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+ My name is Mel & Im 27.
+ Im a complete & total glamourpuss. I live for fashion, designer perfume, & MAC makeup.
+ Im a cut to the chase kind of gal with no real bullshit tolerance.
+ Photography = lifeblood.
+ Im obsessed with the Mafia & Italian culture in general even though I dont have one iota of Italian in my blood.
+ I ♥ New Jersey.
+ Im overly communicative. I have to check & double check everything. Frankly, I think it makes me efficient.
+ Full blown Tom Waits worshipper; No one should love Tom Waits as much as I do.
+ Las Vegas stole my heart at the age of 7. I love the gaudy glamour & all of the lights. While I live in Baltimore, my spirit haunts Sin City.
+ Hunter Thompson is someone who I absolutely am in love with. He was an incredible man, a genius writer, & all around hysterical. Everyone needs to read at least one of his books in their lifetime.
+ Im the BIGGEST Scrabble nerd you'll ever meet. I love words.

Ive been doing photography since I was 13. This is not, by any means, each & every piece of my work. Im slowly working to get most of my work up here as I do it but, that takes time &, like most people, my time is limited. Id like to think that my artistic influences are everything from Andy Warhol to Joel-Peter Witkin. Im a self-taught photographer with a few courses in high school in college. For me, photography is about creativity & not necessarily technicalities. What I mean is that I tend to lean toward the creative end as opposed to f-stops & lighting. Im trying to learn with more experience and age.

Contact: melwestervelt@comcast.net

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